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Do you smell something….

I recently asked on  

“Where are the best opportunities for sustainable growth in Sales during a prolonged recession?”

Mark Schnitzer wrote: 

“MLM explodes in economic times like these when success-oriented people realize that “job security” is an oxymoron.  I created a generic, training website that’s effective for people who are curious about the industry and beneficial for network marketers who need a bit of training to get to the next level.”


…This was the third response of this nature within 12 hours.  They smell the blood in the water. The crooks are busy. 

 I thought they were bad during the boom, when they became expert at stoking greed.  Now, they’re preying on desperation.  I’m in sales right now because I thought it was one of the only ways I could make substantial money relatively quickly, and remain professionally limber, if I made the right moves.

Now the entire landscape is festering with crooks, more than ever.  It’s almost impossible to make an honest living; the middleman is becoming obsolete for all but the most feckless shoppers.  The phony service sector and the frivolous non-essential goods industry relied on the ever-expanding capacity of the American Boob to consume indiscriminately and without restraint, on an endless line of credit.  Poof…gone.   

What’s left?  Carnival barkers, despondent ex-brokers and a bunch of increasingly desperate bullshit artists in suddenly defunct businesses,  fighting over a shrinking supply of suckers.  

I hear orthopedic joints are still hot.